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I purchased one of your FIRE sample packs and cannot find the download link. Where is it?

All sample pack digital downloads links are sent to the e-mail address your order was placed under or promptly shown instantly after purchasing a Sample Pack as a download page. Occasionally, some e-mail services and filters will re-direct our e-mails to your SPAM Folder/Filter. If your PayPal e-mail address is different than the order e-mail address, check your PayPal e-mail inbox.

Please check your SPAM Folder/Filter 

Should you have further trouble locating your order download link, contact us via email: aoamusiclibrary@gmail.com OR Instagram: www.instagram.com/aoamusiclibrary


I used an AOA Music Library sample on a beat I made and then sold the beat to an artist or producer, do I need to let them know?

Certainly, any usage of the library should be disclosed and clearance for Major Placements should be obtained before any music is released that contains AOA Music Library samples. After you notify them, you have nothing to worry about at all!

Yeah but what does all that mean, my guy? 

Basically, whenever you sell a beat to an artist- let them know that our sample was used. After that you've done your job!


Are clearances free of charge? 

This depends on the status of the artist releasing the track - for independent or unsigned artists we waive the clearance fee in lieu of a share in royalties if the song reaches a placement. For artists signed to labels (major or indie) there are clearance fees required, to be negotiated in good faith between our respective teams prior to release.

Seems Sus... Elaborate for me, dude:

If you are an artist that is NOT signed to a major or indie label then you can release the song with our samples no issues. This means Spotify, Apple, Pandora, YouTube and more. However, if that song were to release a Major Placement in the future- our legal team will reach out for co-producer credit to add to our portfolio. 

If you are a Signed Artist (Major or Indie) we request a sample clearance before release. 


I have a song that’s being released as a Major Artist where I used an AOA Music Library sample, what do I do to get it cleared?

The first step in clearing a sample is to fill out the Sample Request Form that was included in your download of the AOA sample pack and send it over to aoamusiclibrary@gmail.com with "Sample Clearance" within the Subject Line. Once we have the basic information regarding the usage we can advise on clearance terms and issue an agreement to you for signature.


What about your releases on the Drum Broker?

All of which is stated above still applies.